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The Various Types of Gnomes: 5. The Scandinavians

The two comedic gnomes who complete each other’s sentences, Barbegazi and Vatir, are from Scandinavia. They dress like the peasants of Villands Vånga and wear oversized wooden clogs. Villands Vånga is the name of a very small Swedish farm town. To find about more about Barbegazi and Vatir, and their adventures with the Kingsley family, […]
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Koalani, The Detective Nixie

Koalani was  a beautiful nixie, even considering her bright green hair and green teeth. She wore skirts  made of rose petals, and a blouse of interwoven seaweeds; mother-of-pearl jewelry adorned her necks and wrists. Although they carry the same powers as the fairies and exhibit many of the same characteristics, nixies are actually water fairies, […]
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The Various Types of Gnomes: 3. The Menehunes

Another group of gnomes, those responsible for the beaches, the dunes, the valleys and the Pali in the Pacific Islands are the Menehunes. These incredibly smart creatures each perform duties related to their respective area. It is said that Menehunes sailed from New Guinea to the Marquesas Islands, continued their voyages to Easter Island between […]
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