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The Legend of Iaci and the Vitoria Regia

Paulo Cardoso is one of the characters in The Conjunction of the Realms series.  Paulo came from the southernmost parts of Brazil and arrived in Northern Ireland as an exchange student during secondary school. Upon graduating, he went to the University of Ulster to get a degree in film. Paulo now has his own film production company. […]
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The Legend of the Pink Dolphins

Occasionally Pink lake’s reflection looked pink, especially when the sunset and clouds’ positions were just right, but most likely the lake’s name was inherited from the old legend of the pink dolphins. There was a time when dolphins played in those waters. The swimming mammals were exactly like the endangered species of fresh water dolphins […]
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The Various Types of Gnomes: 2. Saci Pererê

Some gnomes are pranksters, like the mythical Saci Pererê who lives only in the Brazilian folkloric legends. Commonly known as Saci, this one-legged little dark child smokes a pretend pipe and wears a red cap. His red cap gives him magical powers such as being able to appear and disappear. Saci is famous in Brazil […]
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