Two new trailers for The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One)

It has been a while since I last posted, but the reason for the lack of communication is acceptable. In January of this year I started publishing a magazine exclusively on the iPad called LIVING HEALTH Magazine and concurrently attended an Advanced Cinematography Workshop, which required that I participate in various full-day shoots. It was a tremendous experience and my beginner cinematographer career is rising to a whole new level.

THE CONJUNCTION OF THE REALMS, however, has suffered a lack of promotion and the necessary “umph” to get an unknown book written by an unknown writer off the ground. As my husband always says, “This is a five-year project.” Despite all, I was able to create one quick promo for the book and work with motion graphics artist Tanya Collins and voice-over talent Anna Dawahare to produce a trailer.

Here are the Trailer and the Promo.

I hope you enjoy them and feel so compelled to “Download  Part One Today!”

With joy,


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