With Imagination You Could Create Worlds Unseen…

Remember when you were a kid and thought you could fight the darkest monsters or simply fly over a pristine lake? With your imagination you could create worlds unseen and visit them whenever you wanted. But then you grew up. And the worlds you so deliberately crafted disappeared in the past. That is, until now.

The Conjunction of the Realms brings the world of imagination back to you and you back to it. In this whimsical mystery novel written for all ages, Grandpa Kingsley takes his family and the readers on an unforgettable adventure where imagination and reality collide.

As an author of content for kids I know the difficulty of creating a world that is intriguing, engaging and fun. “The Conjunction of the Realms” has achieved that goal, and gone way beyond, in both originality and beauty. It is a giant leap for the genre. This has great “Legs!” Frank J. Radice, TV Executive

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