Positive feedback all the way from Germany!

I wanted to share a positive feedback for “The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One)” from Hanni, a native German who lives in Munich:

“It truly amazed me to read such a positive book about love and family, and it seems to make one dreaming… Normally I don’t read fantasy so I don’t have much comparison with others in this genre. But I just liked it. Most (especially sophisticated) literature usually dwells on the negative sides of humanity and this was different. Fantastic job…”

Thank you, Hanni, for liking this book and for your kind words. It was my intent to do just that: dwell on what we can be as human beings, provide a vision for the families, and for a future that is different from what we have now. I understand that by exposing all of the ugliness that exists inside the human heart then there are no surprises. I get that. But I also believe that by focusing so much on the negative, almost exalting evil, a certain cynicism is generated along with a warped look on life.

This is not to say that life is easy, or as my dad used to put it: “Life is not a sea of roses.” “The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One)” does not aspire to be the next Pollyanna, and it definitely does not portray life as a “sea of roses.” I cannot imagine experiencing the loss of a 3-year old child. And yet, that is what happens in our story. For the Kingsley’s family, life took a whole new meaning after that event. They never healed from the loss, but that pain heightened their awareness one of another, and whenever a contentious situation arose, they consciously opted to express kindness instead of irritation; a smile instead of a frown, and so on. I ask of the reader: if I don’t believe that a family like Grandpa Kingsley’s can exist on the earth, what kind of earth am I wanting to leave behind for the future generations? The challenge of “The Conjunction of the Realms” is to provoke the reader to dream and dream big, to think of what the future can be, rather than looking limitedly at how the present presents itself. I hope that more readers can say like Hanni: “…it seems to make one dreaming.”

The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One) can be purchased at Livre Press, Inc., in any digital format.

2013 © Juan Hernandez (used with permission). Reproduction in whole or in part is not permitted without written authorization from Livre Press, Inc. or Juan Hernandez.

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