More Positive Reviews

Today I would like to post another positive review from and respond:

Fantasy: a Fun, Happy, Read with Depth September 14, 2013

Format:Kindle Edition
This book surprised me. I am not a fantasy genre fan but I enjoyed reading this book. It takes you on a journey between the real world with its beauty and wonder and the world of imagination. There is enough science fiction thrown in to make you buy into and consider alternate realities. Perhaps this alternate world has more truth in it than the world we think we live in.
Dear S. McMullen:
Thank you so much for your review. A lot of research went into The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One), to make it as believable as it can possibly be. Even the archeological findings of the homo floresienses, proving the existence of a newly discovered species with human characteristics but of a much smaller stature, served well to have readers ask the very question you did on your review: could this alternate world be true? I hope The Conjunction of the Realms series can inspire young and old to abandon for a moment this cynical world we live in and enjoy a magical and unforgettable adventure to the world of imagination.
All the best!
– Sandra Alex

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