Positive Reviews for “The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One)”

It is not everyday that you fill your heart with courage to publish a book and a month later find amazing reviews posted by the readers. The next three blog posts will be devoted to these reviews, along with my comments.

This post came from Dream Detective on Amazon:

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This review is from: The Conjunction of the Realms (Part 1) (Kindle Edition)

The Conjunction of the Realms is quite unlike anything I have ever read, even though as a college literature instructor I have read hundreds of books considered to be in the genre of fantasy. At first, I was surprised that the writing was unabashedly non-formulaic, or expected. Before I could consider another question, I was caught into the intrigue of the magical characters and their world–which really is “the conjunction of realms” between a believable family in the 21st century and the many spirit creatures and understandings they encounter and interact with. The story line continues to broaden and draw you in, and what you will discover will both delight you and release your inner child to consider the possibilities of the world that we live in. The illustrations are winsome and lovely….I can’t wait for Part II!

Dear Dream Detective:

What an inspiring review! It is so encouraging to find out that you enjoyed the story and was caught in the conjunction of the two realms: imagination and our perceived reality. 🙂 To portray a 21st century family was a huge part of the plot. Most magical stories have their origins in the past, so no wonder they are not believable. I wanted the readers everywhere to realize that the world of imagination is alive and well! And it is also very accessible. Anyone can go on an adventure. Thank you so much for your kind words, and if all goes well, Part Two will be released August 2014. All the best!


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