The Legend of the Pink Dolphins

Occasionally Pink lake’s reflection looked pink, especially when the sunset and clouds’ positions were just right, but most likely the lake’s name was inherited from the old legend of the pink dolphins. There was a time when dolphins played in those waters. The swimming mammals were exactly like the endangered species of fresh water dolphins found in the Amazon River; they are called Pink Amazon River Dolphins because of a light pink tinge in their almost white skin pigmentation. Many young men growing up in the Glenariff area, including Phil Kingsley, cringed at the thought of having to call the lake such a girly name.

Paulo Cardoso made a few documentaries on preservation projects in his homeland of Brazil. One of his films featured Brazilian ecologists’ efforts to save the endangered pink dolphins of the northern river.

Legend tells that these pink dolphins appeared in Northern Ireland in the early 1900’s. These were not ordinary animals, but creatures endowed with powers to communicate with humans and supernaturally carry them from the material world to the realm of imagination and back. Some say they used to live in Pink lake at a time when fairies and gnomes and other creatures of the sort were visible to the human eye.

To find out more about the endangered pink dolphins and their adventures with the Kingsley family on Pink lake, you can download “The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One)” ebook in the U.S. on or, in Canada on, and in the U.K. on


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