Meet Akaina, the turtle

In days past, giant talking turtles roamed the earth and swam in the ocean waters, possessing shells imbued with magical powers. Such powers were used to heal and break curses.

Akaina, one of the last of these talking turtles, lives in the North Shore of Oahu. At two hundred years of age, she has seen a lot in her lifetime. Her unfathomed knowledge of the ocean and the storms is nothing compared to her wisdom. She is experienced in matters of love and life.

Akaina is very involved in the green turtle community. She has had so many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren that she is considered a mother to all. In a community of turtles, once the mother leaves, a baby  becomes a part of the greater family. Akaina has always been there to help each newborn reach the sea water. She is the true matriarch of all green turtles in Hawaii.

To  find out more about Akaina and her adventures with the Kingsley family, you can download the ebook on and on



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