Koalani, The Detective Nixie

Koalani was  a beautiful nixie, even considering her bright green hair and green teeth. She wore skirts  made of rose petals, and a blouse of interwoven seaweeds; mother-of-pearl jewelry adorned her necks and wrists. Although they carry the same powers as the fairies and exhibit many of the same characteristics, nixies are actually water fairies, abiding mostly in fresh water lakes or in the rivers.

Koalani grew up hearing detective stories from Shannia’s grandfather, Watson. Murder mysteries from the past intrigued her. For those who don’t already know, Watson was the gnome in England who inspired a legendary Scottish writer from the late 1800’s to write stories about a pipe-smoking, magnifying-lens carrying, cap-hat and cape-wearing detective.

To find about more about the Koalani, Shannia and  Roxy, and their adventures with the Kingsley family, you can buy “The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One)” on Amazon.com and on Kobo.com.



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