The Various Types of Gnomes: 3. The Menehunes

Another group of gnomes, those responsible for the beaches, the dunes, the valleys and the Pali in the Pacific Islands are the Menehunes. These incredibly smart creatures each perform duties related to their respective area. It is said that Menehunes sailed from New Guinea to the Marquesas Islands, continued their voyages to Easter Island between Tahiti and the coast of South American Chile, and later arrived in Hawaii. To this day man cannot explain how the legendary structures found in Easter Island or the fishpond wall at Niumalu on the mountains of Kauai were constructed. Many believe that humans could not have built some of these ancient sites.

Some believe that the Menehunes have left Hawaii and moved on to Tahiti and then New Zealand. Even though gnomes live in a realm not visible to the human eye, a realm that is not bound by physical distance, there is documented proof that Menehunes can still be seen with the mind’s eye at isolated sites in Maui and in Kauai.

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