The Various Types of Gnomes: 2. Saci Pererê

Some gnomes are pranksters, like the mythical Saci Pererê who lives only in the Brazilian folkloric legends. Commonly known as Saci, this one-legged little dark child smokes a pretend pipe and wears a red cap. His red cap gives him magical powers such as being able to appear and disappear. Saci is famous in Brazil for startling people and playing pranks. One of his favorite pranks is to braid horses’ tails at night. Those who find their horses with braided tails in the morning know that Saci has been there, playing with the animals. He also loves to jump into small whirlwinds and spin, but don’t get him near the water. Saci Pererê can’t stand being in the smallest brook or the largest river. Ironically, he lives near the Amazon River.

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