The Various Types of Gnomes: 1. The Leprechauns

Gnomes are responsible for watching over the forests, the beaches, the dunes, the deserts, the mountains, and all the animal creatures that inhabit them. The guardians of the forests in Ireland are the Leprechauns. They are well known for their intelligence, craftsmanship and humor. Their humor was always present—gnomes find most situations funny—but ever since the Leprechauns learned to drink Irish beer from the humans and began producing their own home-brew poteen, belly-laugh attacks surged throughout the community. A laugh attack is synonymous to uncontrollable laughter; a belly-laugh attack is the same thing but “boisterous.” Because of laughter’s highly contagious nature, the Leprechauns’ humor is, to this day, at an all-time high. They are about twenty-two inches tall, or fifty-six centimeters, and live in small cottages usually located at the foot of large oak or elm trees.

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