Why I Wrote a Book, Part 2

The second reason for this book: when I began writing, I wanted to reveal a world where neither children nor adults needed to have special magical powers to accomplish great feats. In other words, I wanted to unlock the power of imagination that lives inside each one of us. The Conjunction of the Realms introduces the young reader to a place where those who live in the realm of imagination and those who live in the world of humans can interact and go on adventures together to solve mysteries, defeat enemies, and create new worlds. If, after reading this book, a young adult embarks on a journey of discovery to unveil mysteries, or seeks to better understand and know the invisible intelligence that has created us, or realizes that the creativity that lives in us came from the creator of all things, and that nothing is impossible to those who believe, then my second goal for writing this book will have been accomplished. Imagination and creativity are gifts that every human being is endowed with from their creator. I hope that “The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One)” provokes the youth of our world to not believe in limitations, to not ever second guess themselves, and to know that each one is destined for a great future, one that they can create with their imagination, one that will be free from the tentacles of evil and perversion.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Wrote a Book, Part 2

  1. This is a book that defies categories: Is it magical? Is it fantasy? Is it mystery? Is it reality?
    None and all of the above! There is a winsome wisdom and sincerity in the characters and settings that lift them out of the merely fantastical into something more believable and relatable, until they have us all wondering if we are all living in the conjunction of realms!

    Although this beautiful tale may be written for young adults, I think it is ripe for reading aloud to children, plumbing the depths of as an adult, or enjoying as a family. The tale is beautifully and unexpectedly crafted, so that the reader is drawn in to the intertwined lives of the characters from two different realms. As a reading specialist and teacher, I recommend this book for both avid and reluctant readers. Do not miss the joy of meeting these intriguing characters and falling into their surprising hearts!

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