Why I Wrote A Book


“The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One)” began when my husband, my daughter, and I would sit together in her little room making up magical stories. Those were treasured moments. There were times, however, when neither of us could think of a story. We were tired after working long hours in our startup business, our brains were fried, our imagination was not at its peak. That’s when I began to envision The Conjunction of the Realms. A story so magical and filled with adventures, that parents could read a little bit every night with their kids and live treasured moments of their own. Or those coming of age could read by themselves and feel like they were surrounded by the love of family, even when they were alone. If my books can create these precious moments and bring families together, then I will have accomplished one of my goals.
You can purchase “The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One)” in any of the outlets below:
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