The Conjunction of the Realms


The characters from the world of imagination come alive!

In this whimsical mystery novel written for all ages, Grandpa Kingsley takes his family along with the reader on an unforgettable adventure where imagination and reality collide.

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Read the Reviews

As an author of content for kids I know the difficulty of creating a world that is intriguing, engaging and fun. “The Conjunction of the Realms” has achieved that goal, and gone way beyond, in both originality and beauty. It is a giant leap for the genre. This has great “Legs!” — Frank J. Radice, TV Executive

It seems to make one dreaming… — Hanni Weinstabl, Germany

…quite unlike anything I have ever read, even though as a college literature instructor I have read hundreds of books considered to be in the genre of fantasy. — C.E. Berman, Author and Teacher

There is enough science fiction thrown in to make you buy into it and consider alternate realities. — Sarah McMullen, Author


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